Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sophie's first Easter

Some cute pix from Easter Sunday at my sister's house in Aurora. The Easter egg hunt was a highlight for the two kids. Sophie was pretty good at it, as you can see!


(Sophie wearing Easter sweater handknit by my mother 40-plus years ago for me and Amy. Sam wore it last year.)

We also had a phenomenal Easter liturgy at the 10:30 gym Mass--all the best music, plus Fr. Bill and the liturgical dancers.

Sophie had little interest in her basket (containing 1 chocolate bunny, one row of yellow peeps, one rabbit toy and one package of sidewalk chalk). Sam, on the other hand, couldn't stop talking about the chocolate.


Anonymous said...

Such cute kids--of course I'm predjudiced! Gram

LaLa said...

Looks like a great Easter. So glad the kids enjoyed the egg hunt and the sweater is so sweet and I love the history behind it : )

Is her hair as thick as it looks?!

Renee said...

Sophie looks like such a joy and Sam is so grown up! I love that Sophie wore your old Easter sweater.