Monday, April 19, 2010

Little helpers

Auntie Trish is coming to visit tomorrow, and it's the day before her birthday. So Sam and Sophie helped me bake a birthday cake tonight. They both enjoyed licking the spatula/beaters.

It was the end of a busy day. Sam got his haircut (the second time he didn't cry) and we had Wiggleworms this morning. They both crashed in the "roller coaster" (what Sam calls our new stroller) on the way home from Wiggleworms. I should have left them there. Neither stayed asleep after trying to transfer them to bed/crib for nap.

All tuckered out!


LaLa said...

So cute! I love their chocolate faces : )

maria ruiz scaperlanda said...

Love the spatula pics, Heidi! I'm still smiling :-)