Thursday, March 04, 2010

We leave tomorrow

Sorry I didn't blog yesterday. I've been coming down with a bad cold (Sophie is coughing now too) so rested rather than blogged. Yesterday was our consulate appointment, and everything went smoothly. They checked our paperwork and we signed a form. Then about 15 families took the oath, which was really just saying that the information in your visa application was true. Still, I cried. I can't believe we are almost at the end of the this journey.
We couldn't take pictures, but here's one of Sophie on the bus from the zoo trip. We are dreading the long plane rides, and our itinerary is especially wonky because of our Orbitz problem. So we fly out out of Guangzhou Saturday morning and have to stay overnight at an airport hotel in Beijing. Then we leave Bejing Sunday morning, fly through Shanghai and then straight to Chicago.
We finished most of our shopping this (Friday) morning, though we still need to run to the supermarket this afternoon (and buy another suitcase to fit everything in.) Otherwise today is completely free. We were supposed to pick our visas from our faciliator, but actually the consulate did them while we waited yesterday. Ed and Sophie are napping, and I'm going to join them. I pulled a muscle coughing last night (hello-old age!) and my back is killing me today. Can't wait for the 15-hour flight.
Sophie continues to do well. She is so happy and smiley, very outgoing to strangers. She and Ed have completely bonded, though she still cries if I'm around. She loves to go for walks with him though. Today we were walking in the park and she was charming all the ballroom dancers. She is the perfect daughter for us and we can't wait to introduce her to her brother--and vice versa. Amy is trying to prepare Sam for that on her end.


Di said...

I hope that you have a safe trip home with your precious new daughter and that Sam and she are soon being like any brother and sister and if that is anything like my brother and I as children it will be loving and hating in equal measures!!

I have loved following along with your journey, thank you so much for sharing it with us. If you could, when you get a chance, email me your new postal address I will get the blankie finished up and posted for Sophie!

Kristin said...

It was so great to get some updates. Hope you feel better. Good luck on the flight home. Just think, you are almost home!!

We leave for vacation tomorrow, so we will call when we get back. Can't wait to meet Sophie! :)
Kristin, Jon and LIncoln

LaLa said...

The oath is funny really huh? After all the anticipation it is over in a second...but like you I was still so emotional about it.

Wishing you a wonderful flight home with no coughing and hopefully a sleeping baby. I can't wait to see Sam and Sophie together at last!

Kristi said...

SO looking forward to seeing the first family photo of the four of you together. Prayers answered! Safe travels and much love. xo

Sean and Mic said...

Best wishes for safe travels home. It sounds like some crazy stop overs- but once you are home, all safe and sound, that travel will be a distant memory!
Thanks for sharing your journey.

maria ruiz scaperlanda said...

It's been such a joy following your footsteps here, Heidi -- thank you! I continue to rejoice with you both! and will send up some special prayers for guardian angels to accompany you --and specially Sophie--as you travel home. Blessings!

StacyRedbird said...

So happy you are headed home with your daughter. Thank you so much for letting me follow along with you, I have enjoyed it so much and am so happy for your beautiful family. Safe travels!!!

kevin said...

Hope your journey home is uneventful.Hope time flies by! We are so happy for you!! Can't wait to meet Sophie & see Sam again & of course you & Ed :)
Love & Prayers,