Monday, March 01, 2010

Sam report

Every day around 1 or 2 p.m. (that's midnight Central time), we start checking our email obsessively, looking for the daily "Sam Report" and photos. Not only is my sister taking care of Sam for almost three weeks, she writes an incredibly detailed report and sends photos every day. She includes how his sleep went, what he ate, any cute things he said or did, if he was naughty at all, and all the fun things they are doing. They have been to Chuck E. Cheese (aka "Hell" to Andy), skating (see photo) and various kids' activities. But his favorite, Amy says, has been the Aurora University basketball games, where he regales everyone with "Go Spartans" and his dancing with the pep band (see photo).
The call yesterday went pretty well. When I said, "It's Mama in China," he said, "I play marble maze." I said, "I'm coming back soon," and he said, "My mama always comes back." Then "I play marble maze" and he was gone. No crying. The kids started roughhousing with him and he was distracted. Amy says each kid has their things to do with Sam: Jack likes to read him books, Clare ("Cware") changes his diaper and helps with bath, Kevin snuggles during the evening viewing of the "Huckle" video.
We cannot express how grateful we are to my sister's family for taking care of the most important thing in the world to us--but we're trying to with various items from Chinese gift stores!


Anonymous said...

Your sister is a saint! Well, you are, too.

Love, Mom

LaLa said...

What a blessing to know he is being well cared for : )

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh Heidi, I haven't been much for commenting lately, but I have read every word of your journey. She is just beautiful and I am so happy for you two I could just cry. (Although I did have to laugh at Ed eating dog. Yuck!)