Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Red Couch photo

On Tuesday morning we met with our co-group for the famous "Red Couch photos" at the White Swam. We are a travel group in and of ourselves, separated from others who were matched when we were because of our status as a "Hague family"--that is, we had to start over with our immigration paperwork after the US signed the Hague treaty on adoption, so we have additional requirements. (And we started over because we used our original, pre-Hauge immigration paperwork for Vietnam.)
But we have been traveling part of the time with another CCAI group of seven families who have all adopted children with special needs. We were with them in Beijing, then they went off to another province to get their children, and we reunited here in Guangzhou. They are all staying at the White Swan, while we are at the Victory (free internet, cheaper, and away from the zoo of the White Swan), but we see them throughout the day and really have connected with several families. While I don't want to put parents of special needs kids on a pedestal, they are a deeper-than-average group of people. And their kids are really adorable.
Each family had their picture taken on this red velvet couch in the lobby, then they tried to get all the babies together. I had to laugh because I think Sophie was the only one NOT crying! Most people dress their kids up in Chinese outfits. I only have one, and it's white for her baptism, so I didn't want to ruin it. She's wearing a cute dress I got at Target for about $2 on clearance. And I'm pretty sure her shoes and tights are hand-me-downs from cousin Clare.
She was kind of cranky before it was our turn on the couch and I worried she would be wiggling because she really wanted to walk. But as soon as we sat down, she was mesmerized by the hoard of cameras (about a dozen people taking pix, like the paparazzi!) and just laughed and clapped and raised her arms. So cute.


Lauri said...

Hi, Heidi-
I discovered your blog from your post on the CCAI Yahoo group and just read all of your entries while in China. We were in Nanchang and Guangzhou in August getting our little Sarah (now 19 months), and it was so fun to read your entries and see photos of places we visited. I'm so sorry about that horrid comment from Anonymous. I just don't understand some people. I hope I'll be able to follow your blog once you make it private. Safe travels home!
-Lauri Munroe-Hultman

Lauri said...

Oops, I forgot to say how adorable Sophie is!! She reminds me of our Sarah, who was also round-faced and very healthy when we got her. Gotta love chubby cheeks....

Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi, Ed and Sophie,

Am really sorry I haven't been commenting. Have sure been reading every single entry from both you and Amy. Mom and I can't wait to see you all this weekend. We have had more rain here in two weeks than all the years we've been here put together. But as mom says, "you don't have to shovel it." Golfed today. Weather is nice. You're in our prayers each day. Got my glasses so can see now.

Love, Dad

Véronique said...

Hi Heidi,

Sophie is really the cutest...and both you and Ed are beaming with happiness.

Wishing you safe travels home and hoping that Sam and Sophie get along very quickly.

All the best,
Véronique, mother of Anna

Kristin said...

What a cute family photo! Can't wait to see Sam in a picture with all of you. Sounds like he is doing great!

Di said...

Love the photos! But I have to giggle because when I first red the title of the post I thought it said Red Couch Potato!

Sean and Mic said...

Oh what a great family shot! And I don't care how cheap her dress was from Target- it is absolutely adorable!

I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed following your journey! Really, it has brought back so many great memories for me, and it is so much fun to see another FengCheng beauty join her forever family. I hope to be able to follow you once you get home.
-Michelle Eagan