Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Pearl Market

On Monday we went to the famous "Pearl Market," where they sell pearls and pretty much any othe gem or stone known to humankind. I did get a few things but it wasn't what I expected. I had hoped for more "made" jewelry; instead it was mostly plains stands of pearls that you could have made into necklaces or bracelets. I did find a few nice pieces, though: one for me, one for Sophie and a few gifts.
Monday was a nice, unplanned day. We took a long afternoon nap, then had to go to the White Swan to do some paperwork. Ed hung out with Sophie in the playroom there, while I took care of paperwork for our visa. Then we went out to "Lucy's" for American food with another couple from our group.
I also bought a carryon suitcase to take back all our breakable gifts. We may need another!

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