Sunday, March 14, 2010

Big brother

While getting ready for bed on Monday night (our second night home):

Sam: I love Mama.
Mama: Mama loves you. So does Daddy.
Sam: I love Daddy.
Mama: Do you love Sophie?
Sam: I love Sophie.
Sam: I think so! Maybe... Just a little bit.

On Tuesday, he bit her.
Here they are riding in our fancy, new-to-us stroller, compliments of our friends Karen and Jeff. Sam calls it "the roller coaster."

They're warming up to each other, though haven't had to spend too much time together since Sophie (and Mama) has still been on China time most of this week. So she's up when he's sleeping and vice versa. You can tell Sam is trying hard, but that the adjustment to no longer being the center of the universe is not fun. I am making a special effort to give him some one-on-one attention and snuggle time.

For her part, Sophie doesn't take too much gruff from him. Seems like she'll be able to stand up for herself!

One week down...


Sean and Mic said...

So great to hear that they are fitting together like most sibilings! I love his response to whether or not he loves her! Too cute.

Here is to getting you and your baby girl back on Central time. I hate to admit it, but we used benedryl a few times the first week home, just to take the edge off her, and to let her get some much needed sleep. Every time it worked like a charm, and she would conk out for 6 -8 hours. I know, some parents would cringe at the thought- but our pediatrician gave us the doseage amount, and my good friend who is also a ped, suggested it too and used it on her kids, too.

-michelle eagan

Di said...

Got to love kids - they say the most adorable things!! I think Sam and Sophie will soon be like any other brother and sister - playing together, fighting together, tormenting each other - at least that was what it was like in my house!

Anonymous said...

They are too cute. Can't wait to get home to see them again.
Love, Mom
PS Well, maybe if there is seven inches of slush coming this weekend, I can wait a little while.

Anonymous said...

That seems just about right. Whenever Chloe (my cousin's older daughter--5 1/2 going 40) gets in Annabel's face, Annabel (who is just a couple month's younger than Sam) tries to bite her. Chloe is smart, but slow to learn this particular lesson...

And mazel tov to you all. She is adorable. Hopefully sleep will follow too.