Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Spiritual Knitter in China!

Knitting has been important on this trip. First, I actually got to knit a lot on the plane ride over. I turned the heel and made progress on a fair isle sock that is my airplane trip. Then I was knitting when we got the knock on the door for Sophie's arrival. I had just started a Daisy sweater (Yarn Harlot pattern) in purple for her. When I peeled off the layers of clothes she came in, there was a darker purple handknit cardigan sweater. Our guide says her foster mother probably knit it for her. Sniff.
Then I started seeing everyone knitting everywhere--mostly shop owners passing the time. They knit their sweaters in the round on double=pointed needles that are about 18 inches long and about size 0. Finally, I got to buy some yarn--some orangey wool to make the Nora Gaughn's hexagon cardigan for me (which I have been dreaming about), some red and black wool to make a Chinese style sweater for Sophie, and a gift for my Mom. Don't worry, Mom: this time, I didn't get you a skein of each color!

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Véronique said...

Hi Heidi,

Congratulations on your beautiful daughter. I got to your blog by chance and it appears that the other Belgian parents of the 15 month old your are talking about are friends of mine. Small world...

Hope all is well and that Sophie is adjusting well to her new family.

Véronique, mother of 3 yo Anna from Hunan province