Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sophie Yue

I'll leave you with these two cute Sophie photos. I've been up since 5:30 a.m. blogging. It's the only time I can do it, as Sophie is not on my lap. I'm almost caught up, except for our trip to Feng Cheng (Sophie's birthplace) on Thursday. I may just post a few photos. It was very emotional, but Ed and I are so glad we went. We were trying to decide whether or not to go, and then we got a comment from someone I don't know saying, "Make sure you go to Feng Cheng."
Thanks for all the nice comments in response to "Anonymous." I had no idea so many "strangers" were reading this blog. I tend to think of my "audience" as mostly friends (online and otherwise) and family. Yesterday we got a comment from a Belgian woman who "happened upon" our blog and turns out she knows one of the Belgian families in our hotel here. Small world!
Today (Friday) we fly to Guangzhou, where we will stay until we leave while waiting for processing of Sophie's visa. I'm sad to leave Jiangxi, since this is where we met Sophie for the first time. But I am also anxious to get home. My sister's "Sam report" yesterday mentioned that we have reached the halfway mark on our trip, and my heart ached that we still have so long before we get to see Sam and have him meet his sister.
Next post will probably be from Guangzhou.


Sean and Mic said...

I am SO glad you got to go to FengCheng. It was the highlight of our entire trip. And, we got to meet the foster mothers of the 6 girls in our group. I cried like a baby (and I am not one the normally cries often) when we met the foster mom- and when we were taken to the finding spots. Such a raw feeling, but one that I am so glad we had the chance to experience. Plus, seeing where they are from, really helped me put the pieces together of all she was losing. Meeting her foster mom face to face, and given the chance to ask her one question (that was all the orphanage director would allow)- I could only ask our guide to tell her thank you. Thank you for showing her such love and care until we got there.
Again, I am so glad you got to go- now I cannot wait to read more when you are in Guangzhou.
BTW- I bet you have lots of folks following you now!

my5kids said...

Your daughter is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! She is perfect.