Sunday, February 28, 2010

Old Chen House

Next we visited the Old Chen House, which is now an art museum. We saw sculpture, beautiful embroidery and ivory carving. I bought some carved bracelets, but theyr'e camel bone, not ivory (now illegal).
This trip also included a visit to a government store (like the ones we went to in Beijing) but this time I succumbed and bought a nice piece of Jade for Sophie. I wanted at least one thing was that real jewelry for her from China. (though tomorrow we visit the Pearl Market, where supposedly there's lots of nice jewelry too.) I got her a small jade circle pendant, which is supposed to stand for long, happy family. Our guide says that's what most parents buy for baby girls. When they get married, they get a bangle. (Bangles also cost $200-$400 so that was out!)
We hit a supermarket across the street from the government store and stocked up on noodles, cookies, crackers. I also found an interesting liquor for my dad!

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