Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The hair

Here's a few photos of Sophie from Tuesday. She will be with Ed while in the bjorn only if he is constantly walking. In this picture, she is wearing the sweater I knit for my godson Lincoln. Kristin is such a good friend--she lent it back to me for my kids!
We are spending time each day in the playroom on our floor in the hotel. Her play is so different than Sam's when we first adopted him, so I hadn't brought enough or advanced enough toys. She loves playing with balls and putting them in the box and taking them out.
She seems to love being around the other kids--the two Belgian families are often there, one with a little 15-month-old from Feng Cheng and the other with a 5-year-old girl who just got a 2-year-old brother. The boy often takes toys from Sophie, but she just sits there. He also brings her things, too. And today he came up and gave her a hug.
In this photo you can see her hair cut, and how squared off it in on the side. Ed calls it the "nun haircut"--apologies to my religious women friends. The back is really short and kind of layered so it curves a bit. I try to picture her with long hair, and wonder how different she'll look. With this round face, I wonder if short hair might be cuter. Anyway, the fact that her hair was clearly cut into a style, to me, is just more evidence of how well care for she was. I think her foster family did a wonderful job and must have loved her.


Di said...

I think you are right that short hair might be cuter but I guess you have to let it grow to enable you to decide ;o)

I'm loving all the loving going on!

Sean and Mic said...

Love,love,love following your trip! And she is so stinking adorable.
I think the haircut is cute- and she seems to have a nice, thick head of hair. My poor girl had such baby fine hair for over a year.
How precious that you got a hand knit sweater from her foster mother. That might be one of the greatest gifts from her, other than the obvious love and care that she gave her. Definitely something for her keepsake box. :>)
Continue to enjoy your trip!