Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm not going to write a lot about our visit to Fengcheng exept to say that it was very emotional to go to her finding place and imagine her left there. We rented a car and driver and left early in the morning. It was about an hour and half away and very interesting, rural scenery along the way. But Fengcheng is actually a very big city ("small--less than 1 million," our guide says!) and didn't seem that different from Nanchang. We walked around a bit and had lunch, then got two baggies of dirt--one for us and one for our Belgian friends with the Fengcheng daughter.
While walking around, I was in a shop so Ed stopped to talk to these girls at a wedding photography place (we saw a wedding going on too--we always see weddings!) Anyway, when our guide and I caught up, they were holding her and said she was too hot! Nana (our guide) said I'm the first adoptive parent to be told by the "clothes polices" (Chinese women on the street) that my baby has too many clothes on! You can see in these photos that she's wearing the purple sweater that her foster mother may have knit her.


Sean and Mic said...

I am so glad you guys got to go to her finding spot. And that you picked up some dirt. We found 2 rocks at our daughter's finding spot, and our guide had our bus driver stop by the river to get a rock for all of our girls from FengCheng. I am dying to know if you got to meet her foster mom- as that woudl have been pretty awesome, too. And, I am so jealous you got a private driver to take you around! :>) We saw a bit of FengCheng, but from a huge bus.
Anyway, continue to enjoy your trip- I will look forward to more posts. I am sure you will have a great time in Guangzhou.
-michelle eagan
FengCheng mama from DuPont, Washgington

Anonymous said...

Sweet photo with the 3 young women!