Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Down by the river

Tuesday afternoon we took a walk down by the Fu River, which is right near our hotel. I collected some river water, dirty as it was, for Sophie's baptism. As some of you know, I had collected some water from the Jordan River when I was in Israel in 1999--not that stuff you buy in the gift shop that's probably from the tap, but actually got some from the river in an old plastic water bottle. I wanted it for my kids' baptisms (because Jesus was baptized in the Jordan). Never mind that I wasn't even dating anyone with potential at the time. I plan ahead!
I was warned to freeze the water because things might grow in it, which I did. And I moved that water from Park Place to Sandberg Village to our condo on Fairfield and now to our house on Sacramento.
Later, in Vietnam, I collected some water from the river in Ho Chi Minh City and from Halong Bay. We put that, half the Jordan water and some other sacred waters (like from my parents' lake) into the baptismal font for Sam's baptism.
Now Sophie will have water from her home country too. (And, yes, we boil the heck out of it first.)

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Anonymous said...

Sophie gets more beautiful every time I see new pictures of her. I can hardly wait until next Sunday. WE are counting the days to get our hands on her. Hope she will let me hold her. Yesterday I bought a Nihao Kai-lan doll. I think I should give it to Sam when we get to Chicago, don't you? Aren't you lucky to find two yarn shops. I bought yarn before we left and have been knitting a lot during the Olympics. We had to turn on the furnace today. Keep the pix coming--we look several times a day.

Love, Mom