Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chinese take out

We have had some great meals in Jiangxi Province. The food here is much spicer, plus our guide is not taking  us to "Americanized" restaurants (though she has recommended Pizza Hut several times). Twice we ate at the Chinese restaurant next to the hotel. The first night we had spicy beef and brocolli, and Sophie had congee (rice soup).
On Tuesday we were going to go there, but Sophie took a late nap, so Ed brought the food back to our room. This time our guide ordered us pork ribs in rice and spicy eggplant and beans. Sophie had "steamed eggs," which is one of her favorites (pictured here). Seriously, I bet she had more than 50 spoonfuls of this stuff.
The buffet in our hotel is not bad. The breakfast is free and has Western and Eastern food. There's a creme brulee-type thing with raisins and cinnamon that I like, plus liquid strawberry yogurt. The coffee is STRONG but necessary. Ed usually has bacon, potatoes, noodles. Sophie has watermelon (she loves it and will take a huge piece and stuff it in her mouth), congee and little pieces of banana bread.
The hotel also has a dinner buffet, which we've had twice just for convenience's sake. There are a ton of dishes but I hardly get to even see them, because Sophie screams if I try to walk away from the table. So Ed plays waiter and gets me various dishes. Some of the English translations are funny: a dish called "kidney beans" is clearly green beans, one says "beef and carrots" but it's definitely not carrots we're used to. There was something that included "larynx" and one clearly labeled "dog."  Ed thinks he might have accidentally eaten the dog. Oops.

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