Saturday, February 20, 2010

Bye-bye Beijing

It's Sunday morning and we're getting ready to check out of our hotel in Bejining and fly to Nanchang. According to our itinerary we receive Sophie this afternoon at our hotel. So next time I write, it may be with pictures of our daughter! I didn't get to finish posting about yesterday: we had another Americanized lunch, both a jade and cloisonaisse (spelling?) factory, pictures in front of the  Olympic "Bird's Nest" (very cool), then an acrobatics show. We both got a decent night's sleep last night.


Kristin said...

OH MY GOSH, this is so exciting! We can't wait to see her and hear how she is doing. Good luck!

Kate Gj. said...

Wow, I haven't checked your blog in sometime and am so glad I happen to tonight! I didn't even know you had gotten TA. Congrats.

Can't wait to see Sophie and hear about everything. Of course I'll be following daily again.

Best wishes with everything!

Anonymous said...

Waiting anxiously for photo of you with Sophie ... --Sophie's big brother's babysitter (Auntie Amy)