Tuesday, February 23, 2010


OK, I know you want baby photos, not local color. Here she is on Tuesday: with Mama before bath and Daddy after bath. As you can see from the nudie shot, she's really non that fat. She does have a lot of rolls on her thighs (a true Schlumpf!) and a very round face, but really isn't chubby all over.


Dawn said...

Our Vietnamese son was on the thinner side. 18lbs at 14 months, but had the roundest cheeks still.

to sing and to dance (karen) said...

She's absolutely perfect!
Just an FYI. If you buy anything in China, the things we found the best value were these globes that you can have painted. They are so beautiful. You can purchase them at the storefronts around GZ...theres on on the corner just past the WS hotel, where we purchased ours.
Essentially, you need to go to the front desk at WS and have them copy a picture from your laptop to photo size. It can any photo you have stored on your laptop. Then go to the store, and they should have samples of what they can do on the globes. The work is AMAZING! We got several of them. I think they were only $10 each, but we would have paid $80 each ....easily, because of the quality. An artist will collect the pictures and work on the globes, painting them from the inside out, because of a little hole on the bottom of the globe. He paints them with 3 or 4 hair brushes...very tiny. His art work was INCREDIBLE. Everything down to the last shadow was like a duplicate picture. We got one of our daughter and her main nanny holding her, and one several of her after we adopted her, smiling. Both of them have her Chinese name and her american name on the other side of the globes. To have them done here, it would EASILY be $200 each. I think it took him only 2 days to complete 5 or 6 of them, and each one of them had its own slight flaw in the painting so you know it was hand painted. He was very proud of his work, and stood by waiting to know if we approved of them. They also come with a wooden stand. They are gorgeous! You will NOT be disappointed. I cannot stress enough how beautiful these are, and how much you will appreciate having them once you're home.

Di said...

Too cute! And yes those cheeks are adorable! my friend's little boy had big lovable cheeks too!

Kristin said...

SO CUTE! We can't wait to meet her!
Kristin, Jon and Llincoln

Debra said...

Your daughter is so adorable and tiny. You will be amazed at your Jiangxi girl and how even more beautiful she will be as she grows. Not that I'm biased or anything - ha...I have a Jiangxi girl too.