Saturday, February 27, 2010

At the doctor

On Saturday morning, we met our group at the White Swan, only about two blocks away. It was so great to see the people we had met in Beijing--and now with their babies. So many cuties and lots of boys. This is a group of parents who have adopted kids with special needs, most of them relatively minor (clept lip/palate, corrected heart disease, missing limb, albinism). So it is a pretty deep group.. Sh
We went to get the kids' visa photos and then to the doctor. Sophie was weighed, measured, had a short physical exam, hearing tested, etc. Then she had to have her shots. Because we are a "Hague family,"--meaning our immigration paperwork was begun after the US signed the Hague Adoption Treaty--we have additional requirements, including a battery of immunizations. After looking at her immunization record from the orphanage, they determined she needed six shots, and they give them to her all at once. It was awful. Two in one arm and leg, and one in each of the other. I really think that's too much. She fell asleep in my arms, took a good nap back at the hotel and woke up happy, though.

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