Saturday, February 27, 2010

Around Shamian Island

Our hotel is on Shamian Island and faces the Pearl River. It is a small,  lush, quiet oasis, where a bunch of embassies used to be. We had lunch at an outdoor cafe (Ed has a hamburger!) and walked around. Lots of people wanted to speak English to us, and once again some Chinese ladies told me my child was too hot and to take off her sweater! Sophie does sweat a lot so maybe that's why they are saying that.
Here is is entertaining some grandmas in the park.


The Wolfies said...

was your lunch at Lucy's ? I had to eat there almost every night because I made the trip myself. I had Filet Mignon and a Heiniken every night for dinner. I love reading about your trip. Thanks so much for sharing. I wish I could have written as well as you did. If you ever feel like browsing "Another" blog about a china trip..feel free...
Bob W

The Wolfies said...

that was

not even sure you will see this...

Bob W :-)