Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sophie Yue, here we come! Official travel approval came yesterday and we have a consulate appointment. Looks like we'll leave Feb. 17 and return March 6.

So much to do....

Suggestions for packing, sightseeing in Beijing, Jianxgi and Guangzhou appreciated. And anything else we should know before travel.


Creative Genius? said...

HURRAY HURRAY HURRAY!!! I am so happy for you guys!

Lets see - China is really dirty (the air at least) and there are a LOT of men everywhere. The markets are cool and you can haggle like crazy. The clothing is REALLY small so don't be surprised if you are a size 2 in the states and a size 10 in China. It's totally worth heading into a McDonalds to get Mc Miso Soup (really it's such a thing) or a 25 cent ice cream cone. Wander around a grocery store there - totally interesting.

Hmmmm The Great Wall of China is a fun visit too

Have fun and post pictures! Congrats!

kassie said...

Yeah!!!! We're so happy for y'all. Will be thinking about and sending prayers your way that everything goes smoothly! love you tons!

Di said...

Oh wow!! How amazing....better get on with the little blankie!

I hope that you have a fabulous time!

Catalyst Foundation said...

congratulations!!! can't wait to here and see more!

LaLa said...

So excited for you!!!!

Beijing~ the HuTong tour was our fav (well, and the Wall of course) We loved the food there the best too! The Jade market (it is near the Forbidden city) has great prices on everything.

Jiangxi~ didn't go but part of our travel group did so I will see what they say and get back to you.

Guangzhou~ SHOP, SHOP, SHOP!! the island is beautiful and the shops are plenty. Go to Susans and (shoot,can't remember the name (Jared??) but when you go out of the White Swan, walk straight and take the first left~ scary that 5 yrs later I remember that : )) Also, A Gift from China has beautiful things and it benefits the orphanages. Eat at Lucy's b/c you must BUT Cow and Bridge (the Thai restaurant) is the best!!

As you already know from travelling to more than you think you need, take a TON of pics and video, pack light (everything you need is there ~ more so than in VN)

I will think of lots more I am sure...remember, you asked : )

CONGRATS again!!!!

roseylittlethings said...

congrats, that is such exciting news!!!! Can't wait to follow your journey!!!

Roxane B. Salonen said...


Sending many prayers of blessing and safe travel and sweet introductions from North Dakoat! :)