Thursday, January 28, 2010


Sophie Yue, here we come! Official travel approval came yesterday and we have a consulate appointment. Looks like we'll leave Feb. 17 and return March 6.

So much to do....

Suggestions for packing, sightseeing in Beijing, Jianxgi and Guangzhou appreciated. And anything else we should know before travel.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New Year's delay

We were so excited when we got our second-to-last approval (from the U.S. consulate in China) on New Year's Eve Day. But since we have not received final Travel Approval (TA) from the Chinese government, our agency says we will not be able to travel until after Chinese New Year (which is February 14 this year).

Even if we got approval this week (it is Week 3, so it could come any day), we couldn't get to China and complete our adoption before everyone takes a week off for the holiday. So they estimate we will probably leave sometime that next week, maybe February 19.

A whole 'nother month. Sigh.

It's so depressing, because most people travel within 6-8 weeks for China. We had to wait FOUR LONG MONTHS between referral and travel for Sam, and now it looks like that's how long we'll have to wait for Sophie.

Hang in there, honey. We're coming as soon as we can.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Snowy day

I'm behind with Christmas photos, but here are some from today's snowy day.

Ed and Sam shoveling the front walk. The little Sam-sized shovel was a gift from our neighbors.

After nap, we headed to the little sledding hill in the park just a block from our house. I didn't get any shots going down the hill. Let's just say he won't be earning any medals for bravery any time soon.

Don't do it, Sam! Lucikly, his tongue didn't stick to this metal pole in the park.

He was having a blast playing in the park and cried when it was time to go home. So I bribed him with a little hot chocolate. Mmmmmm.