Friday, November 06, 2009

Cutest. Dragon. Ever.

Dear Sam,

For your first trick-or-treating, you dressed as a dragon, compliments of Auntie Amy. She bought you the costume last year, but I think we were too exhausted to celebrate Halloween then. We had just celebrated your first birthday and baptism with lots of family and friends.

Our new neighborhood had a little parade starting at the park with all the costumed kids, maybe 100 people with parents. Of course, you were the absolute cutest one there. I don't think you were afraid, but you did seem a little confused by all the kids in their costumes. And you never once complained about the somewhat ridiculous outfit we put on you!

We had tried to practice saying, "Trick or Treat" with you before we went out, but all you kept saying was, "Candy! Candy!" When I'd ask, "What do you say?" you'd say, "Please, candy!"

We only went to a few houses because you kept wanting to stop and look at the candy in your little bag. You also enjoyed seeing the other kids come to our house and ran to the door every time the doorbell rang.

Now whenever I mention Halloween, you say, "Thank you man" with the "thank you" sign. That's what you seem to remember from Halloween: saying thank you to the man who gave you candy. Such nice manners.

It is so fun to watch you experience all the little kid things: birthday parties, trick or treating, etc. You really are thriving. Seeing pictures of little Sophie, it's hard to remember that only a year ago you, too, were this little thing who had some catching up to do. Everyone said we'd be amazed how fast it happened, and we are. Can't wait for next year, with two of you trick or treating.


LaLa said...

That is the cutest!!!! Looks like your neighborhood is perfect for this kind of thing. Yep, next year you will need the wagon like us : )

LaLa said...
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