Friday, May 15, 2009


Happy Mother's Day Week to everyone out there: to my mom, my sister, all those who have "mothered" me throughout my life, to my grandmother who is celebrating her first Mother's Day in heaven, all mothers-to-be and those who desire to be mothers, including those waiting for their adopted children, and especially to those celebrating their first Mother's Day as a mom, including me!

Sam and Ed took me out to one one of my favorite restaurants for Mother's Day, Ethiopian Diamond. Yum! Sam felt at home since everyone was eating with their hands, and he liked the spicy food. Plus that had a little drum for him to play.

Our celebration was on Monday since I spent the actual Mother's Day at Aurora University's graduation. At first I was bummed I had to work all day on my first Mother's Day, but then I figured it was appropriate since my new job has been so darn family friendly the rest of the year. Really, it's amazing how everything works out. Two years ago I was hating my job and Ed was stressed about finishing his teaching credential. Now I have a great job and he's subbing, which has meant Sam hasn't had to go to daycare. It's really worked out for the best.

Sam also gave me a card and a flower. But the best two gifts didn't cost anything. First, about a week ago, he started saying "Mama." This, after about six months of saying "Dada." And... (Insert music from Handel's "Messiah" here), he finally slept through the night!!!!!!! For about a week, since getting over his latest ear infection, he's been doing much better, putting himself to sleep with his bottle (with Ed or me just lying next to him, not holding him) and getting up only once or twice at most. Then, on Tuesday night, he slept from 10:30 p.m. to 6 a.m. He hasn't repeated it since, but I think we've turned a corner. Next: getting him out of our bed and into the crib.

On Tuesday night we went out for pizza with a group of other adoptive families and then took Sam to Lake Michigan. As soon as we put his bare feet in the sand, he got so excited. He said "Wawa" and took off for the shore. It was COLD, but that didn't stop him! He is such a water baby. It should be a fun summer at the lake, neighborhood pool and Lake Keesus.

And, just to remember how far we've come, this picture from Hanoi eight months ago. It's one of my favorites. Happy Mother's Day to me--finally.