Monday, February 02, 2009

Sam's first haircut

Dear Sam,

Today you got your hair cut for the first time. You were 15 months old.

Before: We have never cut your hair, and you've got a nice head full of it. Not only does everyone think you're a girl, you can hardly see past those bangs. It's kind of has an 1980s Asian pop star look.

During: You started out great, liked sitting in the little car, and didn't flinch when she spritzed your hair with water and started cutting. It also was your first exposure to this thing called "Elmo." You seemed intrigued, since the only TV we let you watch is sports and PBS's "The News Hour."

Alicia from KidSnips (owned by my friend Sabrina's cousin) was good at cutting hair on a moving head.

But when she turned on the blow dryer to drown out the sound of the clippers, she lost her happy client. You didn't mind the clippers' sound, but hate loud noises like vacuum cleaners, blenders and blow dryers.

Mama had to hold you for the last part of the haircut.

After: I think the balloon was your favorite part of the day. Mama cried a bit because her baby is gone, replaced by a very handsome big boy.