Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blogging absence

Thanks to several of you who have written because you were worried about my absence from this blog (and from my Spiritual Knitter blog, too). Not only has it been crazy with the holidays and my return to work, but we have been dealing with some major sleep issues with our whole family.

Also, I wanted to return this blog to being one about adoption (both Vietnam and China), not just a showcase for photos of Sam. But I will leave you with two from Christmas, one from Wisconsin and one from Philadelphia, both with Sam's grandpas.

We have consulted lots of experts and friends about the sleep stuff. I'll blog about it when I have some time (which may not be until the sleep problems are solved!)


LaLa said...

Great shots..his hair is getting so long!! I was hoping the sleep issues had resolved themselves..sorry to hear they haven't. I hope you guys get some rest SOON!!!

roseylittlethings said...

Glad to see you back in blog land! Graham is still having sleep issues as well and he just turned two, the girls never did this to me! Let me know if you find a good trick! We just broke the milk cup in bed and it took three nights of tough love, but now it is done! Take care!

Di said...

HI Heidi! I hope that the sleeping issues get resolved soon! I can imagine that lack of sleep is just a horrible thing to deal with!!

vi0linista said...

Dear Ed and Heidi:
It's good to "see" Sam so happy in the posted pics here and on your other blog...I am sorry you are still having sleep troubles, and I do hope they get better soon!!! Please let us know if we can be of any help any time. I'm glad you guys had a wonderful Holiday Season and it is so good to read about Sam (and hopefully Sophie) again.
Maria, William and Nico