Sunday, January 25, 2009

Happy new year!

Dear Sam,

Chuc Mung Nam Moi! For your first celebration of Lunar New Year (or Tet), we took you to a party at St. Henry's Church, where everyone was Vietnamese American, except your Mom, Dad and your Daddy's friend, Dan.

Dan is married to Linh, who was born in Vietnam. Her whole family was at the party and they loved meeting you!

You got to meet Gabrielle, Dan and Linh's baby who was born last February. Isn't she cute?

You got lots of red envelopes with $2 bills in them!

There were guys playing Chinese chess.

And nuns selling sandwiches and spring rolls.

And bingo, featuring a guy who made up a song telling a story with the numbers. The whole party was very LOUD!

Of course, there was pho.

You ate the noodles.

Then we went to Mass (all in Vietnamese). I loved the music from the choir. At the end there were firecrackers and the dragon.

We have another celebration in February with the local Families with Children from Vietnam group. Happy first new year in America, Sam.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blogging absence

Thanks to several of you who have written because you were worried about my absence from this blog (and from my Spiritual Knitter blog, too). Not only has it been crazy with the holidays and my return to work, but we have been dealing with some major sleep issues with our whole family.

Also, I wanted to return this blog to being one about adoption (both Vietnam and China), not just a showcase for photos of Sam. But I will leave you with two from Christmas, one from Wisconsin and one from Philadelphia, both with Sam's grandpas.

We have consulted lots of experts and friends about the sleep stuff. I'll blog about it when I have some time (which may not be until the sleep problems are solved!)