Monday, December 01, 2008

Thanksgiving in KY

Sam has been sick, so I'm a little late with posting our pictures from Thanksgiving. He also has really attached, as in, he prefers to sleep in our arms rather than in a bed. But he's had such a cold (and possible ear infection) this past week that that may explain his excessive crying and clinginess (we hope). He also said "Mama" today; mostly it's an elongation of his previous "Mmmmmm" whine. But it definitely means "Would this woman please pick me up and hold me?"

On to the Thanksgiving pictures from our visit to Lexington, KY, to see Ed's brother, Tom; Tom's wife, Kremena; and Sam's 2-year-old cousin Elena:

We left Tuesday to avoid traffic (still the car trips were not that great with Sam). That morning I made the cranberry-orange relish in the meat grinder, while Sam looks on. He likes to sit in his high chair and watch what's going on in the kitchen.

The Butler men and their babies.

Sam loved the front porch swing. We'll have to get one of those when we get a house.

Relaxing with Mama on the couch.

Sam's dinner: Turkey and vegetables (left) and sweet potatoes. He ate very little of either. But he did like the Sweet Potato Souffle made by Tom and Kremena's friend Amy (she also made the turkey; all the food was awesome.) We blame the sugar in that for how he bounced off the walls later that night.

Playing at a nearby park. Everything must be licked.

Elena in her PJs. Isn't she adorable? She sure wasn't happy, at first, that another baby was in her space. But by the end of the trip, they were good buddies.

Kisses goodbye!

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Di said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that Sam is feeling better soon!! Looks like you had fun though!