Friday, December 05, 2008

Great news!

The two other Lutheran Social Services of MN families who had been waiting for I-600 approval for three months got it on Monday. YEA!!!! They had 48 hours to get to Vietnam for their G&R--and we thought our trip was rushed with seven days. They are literally getting off the plane, going straight to the orphanage to get their babies, and then going to their G&R. What a whirlwind.

One woman, Laura, and I have been corresponding (read: complaining about the wait) and talking on the phone for over two years now, so I feel like I know her. And our sons shared a nursery for many months. I hope to meet her some day. Here is her daughter's website; not sure if they'll be blogging or not.

They are probably picking up their babies as I write this. Prayers and blessings to both families.


LaLa said...

Hey girl...sitting here in Vietnam enjoying the warm weather LOL

Blogger is not cooperating so check out Coby's site : )

LaLa said...

Oh, any advice aka shopping in HCMC or Hanoi....we went to the mall today but not sure what else to do....