Monday, October 13, 2008

Sammy loves Daddy

Sam has been getting lots of Daddy time lately, since Mommy is trying to get some work done. (I've got two book projects that are calling my name.) It has turned out perfectly that Ed is working part time as a substitute teacher, so he is home a lot. So far, he's been subbing a few days a week, mostly at Lyons Township High School.

Sam loves playing with Ed: They go to various parks twice a day and often go for long walks in the Bjorn baby carrier. I do most of the rocking to sleep, but Ed is the bath giver. It really has worked out well, so far, sharing the baby duties and both of us getting to have some time for work.

Ed also has been initiating Sam into Philadelphia sports, what with the Phillies in the playoffs. They often go down to our neighbor's, who have a big-screen TV. Here is Sam in all his Phillies paraphenalia--a onesie and hat from Grandma and Grandpa and Auntie Trish, and a jacket from our neighbors, Kathy and Anthony (he's from Philadephia, too.)

Don't worry: we don't mix up these two bottles.


LaLa said...

So cute...I notice Daddy couldn't even take his eyes off the TV for the pic : )

Thanks again for the videos....loved them!!!

vi0linista said...

But I thought you guys decided he was a Cubs fan!!! He should be in mourning like the rest of us, and at the same time so mad at the team you want to see no more baseball until April. I love to see Sam growing :) I'm happy you guys can share this amazing experience and each spend time with Sam. It is priceless...Maria, Nico and William