Sunday, October 05, 2008

Operation solid food

Newly adoptive parents are encouraged not to change too much in their babies' lives, since they are already experiencing so much change. So we have been slow to introduce new foods to Sam. In the orphanage, he ate a thin, soupy rice gruel in the morning, but our caseworkers told us most of the babies didn't like American rice cereal. They suggested trying yogurt, which Sam did like.

When we got home we added some rice cereal to his yogurt, plus switched to a formula with some rice in it for a little extra sustenance. But it has been clear that this baby is hungry and ready for more food. He takes a full bottle almost every two hours or so, which means he produces a lot of very wet diapers!

On Saturday afternoon he had his first real food: sweet potatoes. He loved them! My baby book says to let them play with their food and make a big mess so dinner time doesn't become a battle of wills, and he is very good at making a mess with his food.

He's also very insistent about feeding himself. He likes to hold the spoon and will put it in his mouth. Of course, a lot of it doesn't end up in his mouth, but it's pretty impressive (I think) that he wants to feed himself at 11 months.

Here he is with the yogurt/rice cereal combo on his face. I love the dot of sweet potatoes on his nose in the previous photo. He's even cuter with food all over him!


LaLa said...

You are such a good rule follower LOL Annslee grabbed a tater tot off the breakfast buffet the first morning we had her in China and it was all over after that : )

Glad he is loving his new foods!! I will warn you that diapers take on a whole new "smell" when they get on table food...NOT good : 0

roseylittlethings said...

I love messy face photos too! He sounds ready to eat eat eat:) Graham loved the puffy rice thingys, they are kind of like cheerios but melt in your mouth. Graham is such a better eater than the girls ever were or are for that matter:) It's sad when your 21month old eats better than the 8&11 year olds!!

vi0linista said...

Oh my God...he gets cuter by the minute...I LOVE these pictures...they're the best!!! I'm so glad he likes food. The downside is the diaper smell, but the upside is the LONGER sleep hours. Keep the pics coming...Maria, William and Nico