Sunday, October 05, 2008

Obama baby!

Sam is definitely a Democrat. And he's a big Obama fan. Check out his "Obama Baby" onesie, a gift from our friend Kristi Kubicki in Indiana. Speaking of Indiana, which is a swing state with the potential of turning from red to blue... Some friends may remember that my sister and I (and my niece Clare) went to Indiana on primary election day to canvass for Obama. The closeness of that race helped change the narrative for an Obama win.

On Friday, Ed did baby duty while I once again went with Amy to Indiana, this time to register voters before the Oct. 7 deadline. We got 14 new voters in about three hours at the Purdue Calumet campus. We also helped sway some opinions, I think. Most of the students were already registered. Apparently there have been lots of new registrations in Indiana these past six months. I've got to tell you: that Obama campaign is organized!

And since I never promised this wouldn't be a political blog, I have to say I was disgusted by Sarah Palin's performance in the debate on Thursday night. As a woman who has worked my whole life to be taken seriously as a professional, I am sad to see someone use cuteness and flirtation to try to deflect from not being able to--or not wanting to--answer a question seriously. I know the whole "charm" thing is a tried-and-true diversionary tactic for politicians, and I don't like it any better when a man is doing it. But as a feminst, I was really sad to see a woman at this level not only use these tactics, but be applauded for doing so. Of course, I disagree with her on most of her policies, too, but I was especially sad to see a woman at this level resort to such juvenile actions. I was embarrassed for her.


caroline ticarro-parker said...

that is my favorite picture of your son ever! now we just have to get him one that says "obama wins!"

Renee said...

Jim and I are two newly minted Hoosiers who will be casting our Obama votes!

I love seeing the Sam photos -- I'm so glad you're taking the time to post still. It's clear that you and Ed are such naturals at parenthood.

Anonymous said...

Sam looks so cute in his onsie! Thanks for posting the picture for us to see. I can't imagine too many people NOT being swayed in their choice after seeing this. :)

xo Kristi

Anonymous said...

Okay, I have been following your blog - I am a PAP on working day 57 dreaming of the day we bring our little boy home - and I keep thinking I like her when I read your blog! I have a My Momma is for Obama onsie ready and waiting. Hopefully it will be in use on Nov 2 when Obama wins! Sam is adorable and clearly has a fantastic mom! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heidi! Just catching up on your blog. I love reading your opinion and perspective on Palin on the debate.