Saturday, October 18, 2008

At the park

What a glorious fall day! Ed, Sam and I just got back from the park--the new one over at River Park. The Chicago Park District has been redoing a lot of the city playgrounds with the new soft floor and great new equipment. Sam goes to the park at least once or twice a day. And on Friday we went swimming at the Welles Park (indoor, obviously) pool with our friend Flo and her little boy Anton. Sam loved the water even more than he did in Vietnam!

Sam enjoys swinging with Mama, who is wearing her Wisconsin Badgers sweatshirt, despite today's loss to Iowa. Sam is wearing his new fleece jacket from my friend Bridget. Too cute!

Look at that adorable smile. I love when you can see his teeth. Despite massive amounts of drool, he still has only six, those four on top and two on the bottom.

Every couple of days he crawls a few steps (is that the right word?) but then goes right back down on his tummy.

We are settling into a routine here. He's still sleeping fairly well at night, somewhere from 8ish to 6ish, getting up two times a night for a bottle. He stopped eating solid food for a week but is starting a bit again. Might have been teething or his cold. He was most interested in the macaroni and cheese (baby food) at lunch today. That's my Cheesehead.

He still takes very short naps, only a half hour, if we're lucky, in the morning, but sometimes I can get an hour or even two out of him in the afternoon, but I usually have to rock him back to sleep after he wakes up crying.

He has had constipation problems since we got him--not that he doesn't go, but they HARD! We are trying to introduce water in a sippy cup and have switched formulas. If that doesn't work, we'll be trying prunes or prune juice next.

OK, so I've covered eating, sleeping and pooping: his three main activities. Other than that, he seems happy and loves to play with both of us. He is very excited about meeting his grandparents and aunt and uncle from Ed's side of the family next weekend when they come for his big birthday/baptism bash.


Creative Genius? said...

Just a suggestion on the pooping issue.... we would buy a bag of Newmans's Organic Prunes. Let them soak in a pot of cold water overnight (just enough water to cover them). In the morning bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes. After that - let cool and take the prunes (and a little of the juice) and puree. Then feed to the little "stopped up" baby in your life LOL

It worked like a champ for us. It really kept our son regular like clockwork so we did this from the time he was eating solid foods (well around 8 or 9 months when we did fruit) until he was old enough to eat it himself and get it everywhere.

You can also use the extra juice you created to give to Sam or put in a smoothie for you for extra fiber!

Just a thought to help with the pooping! It's our favorite method here!

amy said...

Looks like a fabulous day!

vi0linista said...

It was a gorgeous day in Chicago and the best way to spend it was as a family like you guys did.

As far as the pooping went, Nico never had much trouble, but he never had formula. He did have water from very early on (I think his doctor told us to give him as much as 2 oz of water at 4 months). He still to this day LOVES water, and is very regular, so if you can get him used to water early it really helps. But again, do whatever works for you guys.

Anonymous said...

Boy, for a minute there I thought he was going to put his tongue on the pole and I was hoping it wasn't too cold!

Love, Mom

roseylittlethings said...

Looks looks you guys have been having so much fun! I love the teeth picture:)