Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sam's room

Dear Sam,

Only four more days till we meet you. We have been so busy getting prepared for our trip. It's exciting to travel so quickly, but also nerve-wracking. So many gifts to buy, papers to organize and have notarized, suitcases to borrow, medicines to get prescribed and of course trying to keep up with all the well wishes from friends, family, co-workers and blog readers.

Tuesday night we finished getting your room all ready for you. Here is your new bed, a gift from our friends Jenny and Jon. It's decked out in sage green gingham check and bunny toile sheets and filled with stuff animals to snuggle with. There's nothing hanging over it yet, but we hope to get one of the Vietnam quilts to hang on the wall. We've tried to keep your room calm and serene (no noisy mobiles or bright colors yet), as is recommended for attachment purposes.

Moving around the room counter-clockwise, here is the sofa bed we kept in the room for Mommy or Daddy to sit on and read your stories. Now that I think of it, I think this also belonged to Jenny and Jon! The curtains were made by your mom. (And notice the cute cow humidifier. I couldn't resist!)

Speaking of reading stories, your room has plenty of books! That small bookcase in the corner is already full of kids' books for you. The sign was from our shower. I believe it says, "Congratulations."

Finally, your dresser and changing table, with stroller, pack 'n' play and a bin of clothes that might be too big for you yet. There's also a little stool because Mama has a hard time reaching the changing table without it!

So, your room is ready and some suitcases are already packed, but there are still dozens of little loose ends to still finish. I suppose whatever is not done just won't get done (I'd better get used to that, huh?) I would like to come home to a relatively clean house, though, so we're going to try to do some of that today. We've got 24 hours until we leave for the airport!


LaLa said...

I love it!!!! So happy you got it all done in time. I have been eyeing that website for a while and can't decide what quilt I love most : )

I am so excited for you! I know you will be busy but try to post when you can!

Only one more sleep until you leave!!

Ryan and Heather said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy that it's finally YOUR time to travel!
What an amazing time you are about to experience
Enjoy every single moment you spend in Vietnam. See as much as you can, take as many photos as you can, and soak it all up. Soon you'll be back home with your beautiful baby. Life is changing! And it only gets better and better :)

Di said...

The room is looking great! I am sure Sam will love it!!