Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sam's first swim

Before we left Ho Chi Minh City for Hanoi, we decided to see if Sam might like the pool. We had walked to the market in the morning and we were all very hot and sweaty. So I put him in his little swim diaper and suit and we went to the Grand's pool.

Therese had warned us that he might not like the water, since he had probably never even had a bath. (The nannies washed him every morning but not in a tub.) But he had liked the bathtub so far, so we though we'd try. He loved it! Or at least he didn't express any disapproval.

The water wasn't exactly super warm so we didn't keep him in long, but he seemed intrigued by it and like when we moved him through the water like he was swimming.

He even smiled, so we're taking that to mean he might be the next Michael Phelps.

A little snuggle time with Mommy on the lounge chairs. The Grand also had some exercise machines, which we didn't feel compelled to use. But I did take advantage of the $10 massages (for 1 hour), which were awesome.

Next post will be about our trip to Hanoi. Let's just say we made it safely (thanks to Trang, the Vietnamese nanny who traveled with us) and apparently Blogger is working here, so I'll be able to post without sending everything to my mom.


Kristin said...

These are adorable! So cute!

vi0linista said...

Ohh my God...I love these pics!!! He looks so cute in his swim trunks...he certainly looks like he loved the pool. Funny that you say that he will be the next Michael Phelps, as I have said that about Nico. The next Michael Phelps sans the height, I don't think our genes will pull it off. I hope the trip went fine, and thanks for those pool pics...they're wonderful! Maria, William and Nico

LaLa said...

OH, that last one is my fav!!! Happy you made it safely but sounds like there is a story there LOL

You know we will be in the pool as Annslee is a fish(well, she says mermaid) so hopefully baby brother will like it too!

Anonymous said...

Heidi and Ed, he is so cute. It is finally Monday, so at least it's the week we will get to see him.He is so cute. I think he will like swimming in Lake Keesus. Leaving for my bike trip. Did you know Chicago had 7-8 inches of rain. Amy couldn't even get to church yesterday. The sun is finally coming out here and we should have nice weather for our bike ride.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

He's ready for tubing on Lake Keesus! I just love those two little bottom teeth. Five more days!! The sun is finally shining here (Monday morning). The Cubs had a no-hitter yesterday against the Astros. They had to play in Milwaukee because Houston was dealing with Hurrican Ike and Chicago was so flooded. Can't wait to hear about Hanoi. Love, Auntie Amy P.S. Jack's football team won 27-0 on Friday and he played most of the game. Notre Dame and Packers also won this weekend--Sam must be good luck! :)

catieann said...

Oh Heidi and ED
I haven't visited in a awhile and am so elated to know that Sam is here at last.
I am crying tears of happiness for all three of you. I can only imagine how overflowing your hearts are right now!!!!!!!
He is SO BEAAUTIFUL! What a fortunate little boy.
ANd what fortunate parents!
much love

Caroline said...

We are really enjoying reading about your trip in Vietnam. We look forward everday to seeing new pictures of Samuel and hearing what is new on your trip. We are so glad that everything is going so "swimmingly". He is soooo darling!! Caroline

Deliam said...

Heidi and Ed (and Sam)!
What a splendid chronicle of your first days with Sam D. You look great together! Can't wait to see you in person...
Cheers, Delia and Liam