Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sam's check-up

On Thursday morning we went for Sam's health check up at Cho Ray Clinic in the Chinese part of town. He got weighed, measured for length and head circumference, and checked out by the doctor (thankfully the nurse had her arm strategically placed for this photo!). He was cooperative and even happy. No shots or blood draw, luckily. The doctor asked me some questions, including if he had had any fevers. I said I didn't think so, although I hadn't taken his temp. He said, "A mother knows better than any measurement." A wise man. I still can't believe I'm a mother. Thanks again for all the comments. Many have asked how we are doing. The sleep deprivation is not that bad. He's a good sleeper, for the most part, and we nap when he does. It's not like we have any other pressing responsibilities. We are 100 percent focused on him. And I'm sure we are running on adrenaline. Seriously, we just walk around like we have won the lottery and are the luckiest people on earth. And of course, we think everything he does is absolutely adorable. Already he is changing, even in four short days. For a day and a half, he never made one peep: no cooing or crying. Now he will play and babble for an hour, making all kinds of noises, grunts, raspberry sounds, etc. And he must trust us enough to cry now, too, as he will do that when he is not happy--usually becaues of his teeth or scabies. He loves riding in the Baby Bjorn with Ed and usually falls asleep in it, like Thursday when we went to the War Crimes Musum (about the Vietnam War). It's so strange when you think that everything is so new to him. He had never felt rain, or been walked down a street, or been in a store. It must be so overwhelming. We are doing lots of attachment parenting: pretty much holding or interacting with him whenever he is awake. He sleeps in a crib right next to our bed and we pick him up as soon as he cries. Ed is getting really good at the "bounce and sway" to calm him when he is upset. He still looks terrified whenever he wakes up. Our main job now is to provide super consistent love and attention so he can learn how to trust that someone will take care of his needs. I always tell him, "There's only one baby in this orphanage. And two nannies who are on call 24/7!"


LaLa said...

He looks so healthy!! Glad the exam went well and isn't it nice to be called someone's Mama!!!

A Chinese part of town..guess I'll be headed there to eat too. Ok..I talk about food a lot..can you tell I miss REAL Asian food LOL

You guys are doing great with him and it is paying off with him learning to trust you.

Got your email...we like Tiger too LOL

Anonymous said...

How much does Sam weigh? Length? He looks about Conrad's size, so I'm just curious. Sounds like you guys are on the right track. Ahhhh..... the old "bounce and sway". We know that one well. :)

xo Kristi

Liz and Josh said...

Ed and Heidi - Josh and I have been following the blog. We are both so excited for you, and can't wait to meet little Sam! He looks like he is a very happy baby!!

vi0linista said...

You guys are so lucky!!! Nico does not stay still and really shows that he does not like going to the doctor when we do. She is a wonderful doctor, he just starts being upset as soon as we go in the building...May Sam always be a wonderful, and calm and happy baby!!! Maria, William and Nico

Anonymous said...

I AM SO OVERWHELMED WITH JOY! I have tears in my eyes. I can't wait to meet him. I love seeing all the pictures, seeing him all snuggled up with Ed, and hearing the excitement in everything you write. I am so happy for you three! Much love and happy thoughts...Leigh Ann

Anonymous said...

Don't forget to update your profile on your return so it says, "I'm a mother, college professor..."

Congratulations! He's a beautiful little boy!

Ed & Margie Butler said...

Congratulations to two wonderful parents. Sam is so cute. We are bursting with pride. We can't wait to see him in person.
Gramps and Granny Butler

Heather said...

Evie was very interested in the check up photos. Lucas really liked the Humphrey Bogart photo a couple of posts ago--he's nicknamed Sam "Baby Eyes" and said he wanted to hug him.

Hope you three are doing well. Thanks so much for sharing the great photos and updates!