Monday, September 22, 2008

Our first visitors

We received our first visitors on Sunday evening. My friend Karen and her two kids, Mari and Mesfin, (twins adopted from Ethiopia last year) stopped by with gifts. Sam was still sleeping when they arrived and Mari and Mesfin were so good about whispering and being quiet while they peeked at the baby. In fact, Ed, who was sleeping in the same room, never knew they were there!

While we'd love to have lots of visitors, Sam has had a tough day and probably shouldn't be having to meet too many new people right now. He hardly slept for 15 hours, and when he did fall asleep, he would wake up screaming after a half hour or so. Such "night terrors" are common among newly adopted children. It's their only way of grieving the massive changes they are experiencing. But it's grueling for jet-lagged parents.

For our friends who are dying to meet him, we'd still love to see you. We may just space things out a bit so as not to overwhelm him. And of course, we'll need to see if we're awake. We're not on Vietnam time anymore, but we're not on Chicago time yet either. So call first.


vi0linista said...

Dear Ed and Heidi:

We do want to visit, but we totally understand that probably for the first few weeks the best gift anybody can give you is time to yourselves to adjust and for Sam to get used to his new environment and surroundings. I am wondering, though, if I could be of help in any way, but maybe I can cook a meal for you guys that I can drop off and you can just heat it up. Let me know if this interests you.
All the best during these beautiful and exhausting times!!!
Maria, William and Nico

D'Arcy Ryan said...

Heidi and Ed,

Thank you for keeping the site udpated. It's so nice to see more of the Happy Ending. I also understand how important it is to have time to get yourselves settled and into a routine (and to just chill), and don't want to intrude on that. So, please take all the time you need, but do let me know when you're up for it (so I can plan my "big trip"). Also, let me know if it's better to come alone or if Sam would like to meet the kid(s).

Good luck with the sleeping thing!


Heidi said...

Heidi, I just want to tell you how absolutely WONDERFUL it is to see pictures of you and sweet Sam! I'm so, so happy that you all found each other--what a lucky little boy he is to come to parents who have wanted and loved him so, even before you knew him. And what a blessing for you and Ed to have this new little person in your lives, and to grow your family. I have only the best wishes for you all! :)

Mo and Mark said...

Hi Heidi, The first few months are difficult. Rion barely slept the first month, day and night. At night, he woke up screaming over and over. The second month was a little better. Now, he's sleeping - almost - through the night. When we gave up on the crib, and added onto our bed for him, we slept so much better. I hope you're getting some rest!