Friday, September 19, 2008


Hello from the Tokyo airport. Sam was a star traveler on the first leg of our journey. He took the bottle during take-off, then fussed for approximately 4 minutes until we got him in the bassinette, where he slept the whole flight. Ed and I each got a few hours of "airplane sleep." Ed is still pretty sick.

The smartest $68 we have spent this trip was for a sleeping/shower room at the Tokyo Airport. It was nicer than the boat room in Halong Bay! Ed got some decent sleep there, and I slept for a few hours while Sam slept. We both walked him around the concourse in the Bjorn, which he loves.

Unfortunately we didn't realize we could check in early, so when we did about 3 hours before the flight, the only bulkhead with a basinnette was already taken. Crap! We could have checked in 11 hours before the flight. I'm sure no one was at the airport before us! And I would have really rather had the basinette for the 12-hour flight than the 5-hour one. Well, now I am doubly glad we got a seat for Sam (using Ed's miles). Wish us luck on this longest and last leg of our journey.

We had thought about trying to meet up with Miyuki, my parents' former Japanese foreign exchange student, here in Tokyo, but we were too exhausted and worried about leaving security with Sam's Vietnamese passport and US visa. Don't want to take any chances.

Should be in Chicago in 14 hours. I know my parents and sister are counting the hours. See you there!


Kristin said...

Dear Heidi, Ed and Sam,
It sounds like you have had a great 2 weeks in Vietnam! We hope the trip home is safe and easy. Sounds like Sam is a good traveler. Enjoy it! We look forward to meeting him next week when we get home.
Love, Kristin, Jon and Lincoln

Dan Lawler said...

Ed, Heidi and Sam -

Even for a cynical bastard like myself, I have to say I'm so happy for you all. Seeing these wonderful pictures of the three of you brightened my day (Note: the Nebraska game hasn't kicked off, yet). We can't wait to see you when you get back, but most of all, we can't wait to meet Sam!
Safe travels,
Dan, Linh and Gabrielle

LaLa said...

Glad he did well and hope he and all of you get some sleep on the last long flight. So happy for you guys and can't wait to see pics of him at HOME!!!

Anonymous said...

We are ready for you guys!!! See you at O'Hare. Love, Auntie Amy

Mo and Mark said...

Welcome home, and congratulations! Wishing you a safe flight and a wonderful new beginning.

Maureen, Mark and Rion

vi0linista said...

Dear Ed, Heidi and Sam:

We are so happy you are now going to be in Chicago, and that you will now start your new life with little Sam with you in your home. Maybe we'll see you at Gertrude's one of these Sundays, but if not, we'll try to come see you when you settle down. Hopefully, the last leg of your trip went as well as all the other traveling adventures with Sam.

Welcome Home!
Maria, William and Nico

mo said...

It is all so exciting- this next leg of your lives together. He sounds like such a sweet sweet baby!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip. I hope Ed is feeling better. Can't wait to hear how the next two weeks at home are for you guys! LOTS of hugs and kisses from Arkansas! -Kassie & family