Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jet-lag laundry

Like most adopted kids from Vietnam, Sam had scabies (a skin infection) when we got him. We treated him (and ourselves) several times in Vietnam, but were warned to wash all our clothes in hot water as soon as we got home to help prevent re-infection.

So, in the first 24 hours at home, I did a total of seven loads of laundry. Then, at the height of my jet-lag and lack of sleep, I found another bag full of baby clothes. I tossed the whole bag in the washer and started it. There was this huge clunking sound, but I couldn't open it because we have a front-loader.

When the cycle was done, this is what I found. I had wrapped the cups from a tea set (a gift from our in-country travel people) in the clothes and had put it through the wash cycle. At least the tea pot was saved. I'm thinking some sort of mosaic project might be in order for these shards.

Needless to say, I need more sleep.


Dawn said...

OH NO ~ I am sorry sorry that the cups have become a casualty of your lack of sleep. ((HUGS))

vi0linista said...

Oh no!!! Oh well, you still have Sam to look at and smile with to forget about the accident. The tea pot is beautiful :) and you're so crafty I know something beautiful will become of the teacups. Thanks for keeping us updated :) We love to 'see' pictures of Sam

LaLa said...

Sorry about the teacups...I know...the jet lag is KILLER but you will recover soon. How is Ed feeling?