Sunday, September 21, 2008

Home, safe and sound

We're home! It was a pretty grueling flight; Sam was up for almost all of it and was not happy to be confined to his seat or our arms. He slept the first hour or so and a little bit of the last two, but otherwise Mommy was very carefully following the flight path video to see how far we had to go.

My parents and my sister and her family all met us at the airport, plus Ed's parents were on the phone when we walked through the doors. In true Schlumpf fashion, they had signs, balloons, and American and Vietnamese flags. I don't have any pictures, but I did videotape it. I'll post more of that later. Of course, our house had also been decorated by Amy, who also came a few days ago and cleaned the whole place. Isn't she the best sister and Auntie?

Sam fell asleep in the car seat (Sure, now he sleeps!) so he was a bit of a bore for his family who had been so excited to see him. At least everyone got to hold him in the airport.

Kevin, Clare, and Jack will be great babysitters to their new cousin!

We are settling in. As soon as everyone left, Sam woke up and he slept for a couple three-hour chunks, but did his "night sleep" from around noon to 6 p.m. with Mommy. Ed and I are rotating shifts, and he's still trying to get over his cold. I'm more concerned about us just getting enough sleep to be up when he's up. We'll worry about adjusting to Central Time later.

He seems to be doing OK. Very busy exploring everything. I moved some furniture and have a nice open area for him on the floor. He hated the bouncy seat; wants to be able to scoot around. I wouldn't call it crawling, but he can move toward a toy.

Thanks again to everyone who has been following our journey. I can't believe we're actually home with our son. The real journey begins now! Thanks again for all your thoughts, prayers and good wishes. I do believe you all carried us during our long wait, and we felt the power of everyone's prayers during our trip, which went so smoothly--except for that last flight!


Anonymous said...

Dear Sam, am writing this from Shawano where we are staying after watching the Packers lose to the Cowboys. We are with Joe and Holly and their daughter sent along a large box of clothes from her little boy who just turned one on Saturday. It is very late and I am off to bed. Hope you are enjoying the USA and your new home.

Love, Gram

Editor said...


Congratulations on making it home! So funny that we were in the same group at the embassy and yet it takes the internet to connect us. That's technology for you!

Many Blessings,


LaLa said...

So happy you are home safely. Yeah, just get sleep when you can for now. It was about a week before we started walking around in the sunshine to get Annslee to not sleep during the day. Actually she was back on Central time pretty fast and I was still up at 2 am for weeks!

Love the house decorations and know it is so good to be home : )

vi0linista said...

Dear Ed, Heidi and Sam:
I'm sorry about the difficult flight home, it's just very hard for a baby to be confined. Now that you're home sleep, sleep, sleep when you can. I'm sure you're just happy to be home and you will all be back to central time soon enough.
The pictures of your niece and nephews with Sam are so sweet, but the best is that your sister came and cleaned. That's the best part...
We so glad you're back and everything is well! Maria, William and Nico

Dawn said...

So glad that you are home safe and sound. Please take it as easy as you can and REST.

Caroline Ansani said...

I am so happy that you guys are home with Sam safe and sound. It will take you some time to adjust I'm sure to life with your new baby but the joy you will experience throughout it all is overwhelming. I hope to be able see you all soon and meet Heidi and baby Sam in person. God's blessings-- Caroline

Anonymous said...

Hi guys: Disclaimer: I only put the sign on the outside of the door and the stuff inside. One of your neighbors did the other decorations on the landing so make sure you thank them (the "it's a boy" stuff). Sorry Sam did not like the bouncy seat. The seat from the swing is good for feeding until he can sit in a high chair. It's got a nice little tray for putting cheerios or other food in. I brought my camera to work today to send you photos from the airport but forgot the cord. I'll try to get them off to you tonight because there are some good ones. Can't wait until we see Sam (oh and you guys too) again! Love, Amy

Sarah and Jack said...

I am such a dolt, I had been waiting for updates on the other blog.

But here I am!

And there you are, with a baby! A beautiful, gorgeous, wonderful baby.

Congratulations Heidi.

Anonymous said...

Yipee! Sam's home! And you all survived the last leg. This tells me that together you three can tackle anything.
Lots of love,

Maureen said...

Hopefully better now after some rest (yeah, grueling is a good word for it!).

I don't know about re-adoption in the Chicago area, but I'd be happy to let you know how we did it ourselves (easy). Every county probate is different though. Maybe an APV post? But email me and I'll tell you how we did it.


Tom Wolfe said...

Dear Ed & Heidi,

What a wonderful gift you received in Vietnam. Congratulations to you both, and I hope to see little Sam soon.

Great Uncle Tom Wolfe