Saturday, September 13, 2008

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival

Today is the Vietnamese Mid-Autumn festival, which (from what I understand) is mostly celebrated by children with paper laterns and mooncakes. Many adoptive parents groups back in the U.S. have Mid-Autumn Festival parties. There was one in our hotel restaurant but it was too late for Sam. When we got home from our evening walk, we did see the dragons and drummers outside our hotel. They were loud but Sam wasn't scared. He is not fazed by noise. Ed and I donated mooncakes to Go Vap orphange for all the children there. This photo is Magali donating them to the orphange director on our behalf.It's nice that we will always remember that we were in Vietnam getting Sam during this Vietnamese holiday.

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LaLa said...

How fun to be there during a celebration. We went to our Moon festival party tonight and it was great being surrounded by all our little ones : )