Saturday, September 13, 2008

Goodbye Saigon

Tonight we leave for Hanoi, where we go for our interview at the U.S. embassy for Sam's visa to immigrate to the United States. It is the last official/paperwork step, well at least the last step here in Vietnam. We are sad to leave Saigon, as this hotel room has been our first home with Samuel. And we have not gotten to see one percent of what we'd love to have seen (and eaten and bought). Still, we ventured out quite a bit (walked a good 3-4 miles yesterday to see the Jade Pagoda). On our last day we hope for one more trip to the market and maybe some shopping around the hotel.Ed didn't let me bring back a little water from the Saigon River for Sam's baptism. It was super brown and probably full of typhus, he said. Maybe we'll get some cleaner Vietnam water in Halong Bay. I thought it would be cool to have people bring water from all different places to pool together for Sam's baptism. (And I've had this River Jordan water in my freezer for almost a decade). So if you're planning to come to the baptism, start thinking of some water you can bring.Wish us luck with Sam's first plane trip. At least this one is only 2 hours. Given his growing ability to cry, I'm starting to worry about that 13-hour one from Tokyo to Chicago!


Anonymous said...

Good luck on the plane ride! For the ride home, be sure to have lots of liquid in the bottles and feed Sam on the ascent and descent. This will help his ears pop. Remember when we were with Lincoln coming home from FL and he cried the whole way home? Sometimes there is little one can do. We will hope for smooth and quiet travels. He sounds like a good baby! Love, Kristin

Anonymous said...

hey, guys. just checking in to say hello! love trish

LaLa said...

Hope the flight went well : ) I hope your trip continues to go smoothly