Friday, September 19, 2008

Good-bye Vietnam

I am writing from the Hanoi Airport at 10:30 p.m., Vietnam time. Our flight leaves in an hour. In another 29 hours we should be in Chicago (we have an 11-hour layover in Tokyo, but have rented a room with two twin beds for 6 hours in the airport). Wish us luck!

I can't believe how sad Ed and I are to leave this country. Yes, we are excited to get home and begin our life with Sam and for him to meet our friends and family. Yet we have loved our two weeks here (and are totally glad we stayed several extra days). We wouldn't have minded another week. And it is incredibly sad to be leaving Sam's birthcountry and the home of his birthfamily. Our adoption coordinator wrote to me saying these feelings are very normal. But I have to say how surprised I am at the incredible sadness I feel. Lots of crying going on here.

So far, Sam is a trooper traveler (I will write later about how great he was on the rather challenging trip to Halong Bay). We're praying for good luck with this last leg(s) of our journey. Already there was some mix-up about there not being a seat for Sam, even though we paid for one. But I think they gave it to us just to make us happy. We'll see when we board.

My parents and sister and her family will be picking us up from O'Hare. I know they are beyond excited to meet Sam, though I can't say what shape he or his parents will be in! Ed caught a nasty cold yesterday and is pretty under the weather. I hope he gets some rest on the plane too.

Goodbye, Vietnam. Thank you for your hospitality and most of all for this beautiful, precious son you have given us. We can never thank you enough.


LaLa said...

Sweetie, I too remember crying as our plane lifted off in China and holding Annslee up to the window for one last look at the country where she was born and spent the first year of her life. It is totally normal to be emotional (actually I would worry if you weren't) I hope you have a very uneventful flight and can catch a few winks in the airport.

Hope Ed is feeling better...I got bronchitus in China and it was the height of the bird flu and I was worried they would quarantine me...they were literally taking people's temp in customs LOL

See you on the flip side!!!

D'Arcy Ryan said...

It's even sad for me to see this post -- it's been great keeping up with your journey. I feel like I got to know Sam a little better through the photos. And now, I am absolutely addicted to the blog. I check it out first thing every day. I'm hoping you'll keep it up when you get home.

I know you'll be inundated by visitors, but when things are calm enough I'd love to come down to meet the little fellow in person. Let me know when it's convenient.

Hoping your flight is going well.

Lots of love,


Creative Genius? said...

Heidi - I have been reading each one of your posts with tears in my eyes as I am SO VERY HAPPY for you and ED (and Sam too).... May your journey home be a safe and uneventful one, and may you have a wonderful journey (for the rest of your lives) as parents!

Congrats again!

:-) Alison

Anonymous said...

We are counting the hours. Can't wait until you are on the ground in Chicago. If you see Miyuki, give her a hug for us.

Love, Mom

Catalyst Foundation said...

We're all so happy for the three of you. Thanks for your trust in us and patience (a lot of it)! The team in Vietnam has thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and your family and taking good care of you too!
Welcome Home!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, Heidi, and Ed,

I'm so happy for the three of you! The pictures are beautiful and your last entry brought tears to my eyes! Have a safe journey and we can't wait to meet your new little angel!

Molly and family