Sunday, September 28, 2008

Go Cubs!

After our referral we received some video of Sam in the orphanage. Our in-country liaison, Caroline of the Catalyst Foundation, was talking to him and she says, "Say hi to Mommy and Daddy. They're in Chicago. Go Cubs!" At which point Sam smiles really cute! So we figured he's a Cubs fan. I dressed him in this cute Cubs outfit (onesie on clearance from Target; little shorts with baseball stitching from the thrift store) to visit Grandma and Grandpa at the Manions on Friday. That's my sister, Auntie Amy.

Sam enjoyed gnawing on the marble countertop with Grandma. He was so darn cute the whole visit but then was a holy terror later that night. I do think we are doing too much, too soon with him. He did not like the car seat, so the hour-long drive was too much for him. We also stopped at a wake on the way home (for my friend Kristin's father). He seemed fine, but then got so agitated at night, wouldn't let us hold him or comfort him, and was crying a lot.

So I got on this attachment website and recognized some warning signs. So I think we need to back off with too many new experiences and new people. In some ways, he is attaching very well: has great eye contact with us and smiles and plays well with us. But he is definitely afraid to go to sleep at night and becomes so upset and even raging that it's scary. I'm co-sleeping with him now, so that should help. He also spends a lot of time with Ed in the Bjorn baby carrier.

It's hard because so many people are so excited to meet him, and we are so proud and want to show him off. But I think if we are cautious and conservative now, it will be best for him.


roseylittlethings said...

Follow you instincts,as they say mother knows best:) People will understand that the little man has had so many changes in such a short time. Also, teething can be terrible for sleep, Graham has been such a sissy about it compared to the girls. Graham is 21months and still wakes up because he has a cold, or his teeth hurt, or he looses his binki or he needs milk. Loveys really help too, each of my kids have had one, it helps with self soothing.

Sarah and Jack said...

Obviously Sam has some different issues than Jack, but I think it is worth mentioning that Jack has always been a kid that is very easily overstimulated. Particularly at that age. He would do exactly what you are describing: seem fine while at the event, then scream for hours afterwards.

I just didn't do a whole lot of that kind of stuff for a few years.

And I always made sure to stick to a pretty rigid sleep/eat schedule. Always eat at xx:xx, always rest at xx:xx, no matter what! NO plans that deviate from the schedule.

I have to second the advice on an attachment object also. Jack and his blanket (dandy) have been tight friends since around 1 year old. It certainly helps with transition.

There is no sure fire way to get a kid to attach to something, but just choose something (blanket, doll, even a washcloth, lol) and make sure it is always in the crib at rest time and always available when they are upset.

delia said...

As I gazed toward Mid Lake in Woodruff, WI (it's chilly up here in the Northwoods!) I found myself lost in thought about your journey to come together with Sam, so I thought I'd check into your blog again. It sounds like every day is getting closer to normal, whatever that it. Hang in there and we hope to see you soon.

LaLa said...

Hang in there are doing great! Just do what you think is best for Sam and everyone will adapt to your schedule : )

He is so stinking cute!!