Tuesday, September 23, 2008

First trip to the park

As many of you know, we live in a third-story condo overlooking a city park. For four years, Ed and I have sat out on our deck and watched the kids play on the playground or practice soccer. It's so cute and we love the sound of laughing and occasionally screaming children that we hear from our living room window.

And for four years, Ed has wistfully looked out and watched fathers with their children and said, "I can't wait till I'm one of those guys pushing their kid on the swings." Today he got his wish. Apparently, Sam was more interested in chewing on the equipment, but he did enjoy the swing.


Anonymous said...

He looks happy! Keep the pictures coming. I look twice a day!

Love, Mom/Gram

jen said...

I have really enjoyed following your journey, what an amazing experience! That is a bummer about the tea cups, but the mosaic project is a great idea. Seeing all the babies in the orphanage is heart breaking, I bet you wanted to bring them all home, I know I was thinking that:) Sam looks like he is adjusting well, hope the sleeping thing is getting better!

vi0linista said...

He looks so happy and like he's gonna want to take a lot of trips to the park! I love the pics :)
Maria, William and Nico

LaLa said...

Look at that happy baby!! I know you are one happy Mama too...so glad Daddy got to be "one of the dads" today!

Di said...

I am so glad that you are getting to enjoy all these moments of parenthood - everyone that wishes to be a parent should get to experience these moments!

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to make the clicking noise with him again! He's so cute on the swing! Love, Auntie Amy

Lucy said...

I'm caught up with your journey now, what an amazing experience you and your new family have had. I think you all are doing incredibly well and Sam looks blissfully happy with his Mommy and Daddy. I have been crying tears of joy for the last half an hour while reading all of your posts.

I'm soooo soooo happy for you, Heidi.

Much love and blessings,


Anonymous said...

great pictures! I love all of them.

Leigh Ann