Thursday, September 25, 2008

Best anniversary gift ever

Dear Sam,

Today your Daddy and Mommy have been married four years. We celebrated it by hanging out with you all day. It was the best anniversary ever. You were a bit tired and cranky, but better than yesterday. I think your ear infection is improving.

You are able to sit up by yourself now, if only for a few minutes. It's amazing to watch you grow so fast right in front of our eyes!

My friend Lourdes dropped by to meet you today. You really liked her necklace. She brought us two bags of groceries from Trader Joe's. Thanks to her, our romantic anniversary dinner consisted of a can of vegetarian chili and some corn chips, plus some yummy red wine. Thanks, Lourdes!


vi0linista said...

Congratulations Ed and Heidi!!! You're right, I really can't imagine a better anniversary gift...actually the best two anniversary gifts, spending time with your son and good food from a good friend :) There will be many more to come to enjoy with the family as well.
Maria, William and Nico

LaLa said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! I know you feel so blessed to have your son home in time : ) Glad your friend was able to get dinner and wine to you!!

Mo and Mark said...

Congratulations, what a wonderful way to celebrate.

mo said...

Happy anniversary!That post below about the wistful longings to be the dad with the kid in the swing teared me up a bit. I think that is really so wonderful. I'm sure it is the best anniversary ever! Our 11th was last weekend and we snuggled up with the kids and watched a movie on the couch!