Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Bath time

Gratuitous cute baby photos for grandparents and others who are not yet tired of Sam photos. Sam loves the bath and now that we have this bath seat, he can hang out there a little bit longer. The orphanage did "baths" (sponging off) in the morning, so we have kept that part of his schedule. But we may move to evenings this week, to start creating a nighttime ritual of bath, story, song and hopefully sleep!

Going out for a walk in yesterday's fall weather. (I don't recall if that hat is from Amy or Flo, but it is adorable!) I think this walk might have been attempt #437 to get him to sleep last night. He fell asleep three times either in my arms or Ed's but then would get all agitated when we put him down and start flopping around and smiling. He finally went to bed at 11 p.m. Too many naps yesterday might have been a contributing factor. Or, as our adoption coordinator says, a fear of going to sleep because of fear of more change when he wakes up.

Ed had to get up early for a substitute teaching job today. He's gotten several days over the next few weeks for AP History at a suburban school district. It'd be a great place for a full-time job. So I'm on baby duty alone today, but so far, so good. He took a good 2-hour nap this morning and has been pretty happy all day. We just got back from a walk to the post office and Walgreens and now he's sleeping again. So I've been able to get a few things done and pick up the house. We had a short visit from our friend Jon, who was dropping off the mattress for the co-sleeper we're borrowing from them. William and Maria are due to drop by later this afternoon with a home-cooked meal. So, as you can see, we're not shunning visitors--just trying to keep them short and not let others hold him for now.


vi0linista said...

I REALLY can't get enough pictures of him. Oh my God he is just about the cutest baby! Your home-cooked meal is done and packed. Just waiting for Nico to wake up from his nap and William to get home. Can't wait!!! Maria

Valtool said...

oh he is soooo sweet

LaLa said...

Well, I can't get enough pics so keep them coming!!!

Anonymous said...

Keep those pictures coming. He is so beautiful and I love hearing about your life with him! Mary Claire and Moira are asking to check the blog for updates and to see the cute pics!


CtotheL said...

glad to see all the pics and still can't wait to meet Sam. When he's ready for former coworkers that is! Shoot me an email when you get a minute. I'll understand if it's another week or so!