Thursday, September 11, 2008

Aio dai Shopping

Wednesday night our travel assistants, Linh and Quynh, took us shopping for aio dai, the traditional Vietnamese dress for men and women. Ed got a bright blue one; I got two really pretty patterned ones, and we got a couple sizes for Samuel, including this adorable white one for his baptism. He really loved having all the women fussing over him. Everywhere we go, the woman all say he is a beautiful baby. At two restaurants, the hostesses actually wanted to hold him, one even disappearing in the back to show him off. (I got a bit nervous that time). We will wear the aio dai for Vietnamese celebrations, new year's, etc. Quynh did a great job with the bartering for us, which was nice.


Anonymous said...

Heidi, hope you can see these posts. They aren't as professional as the ones my daughter the journalist does. The one of Sam in the traditional dress is so cute! I can hardly wait to be the one holding him.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hi guys: Sorry we missed the Skyping last night. We won't be home until later tonight, maybe we can catch you then. I love the bottom picture. He's sooooooooo cute. He seems more alert in these photos. Have safe travels to Hanoi. Mom, you're doing a great job getting everything on the blog and feeding my Sam addiction. Give Sam a kiss from us! Love, Auntie Amy

roseylittlethings said...

He looks so happy in the photos, what a sweet boy!

CtotheL said...

I can finally extinguish my St. Elizabeth, St. Joseph, and Our Lady of Knock candles. Now I just have two wear my St. Christopher medal and Sacred Heart Auto League sticker until you are safely home.

You guys look great!

Dawn said...

A white one for his baptism!!! THANK YOU so much!! I have been thinking that it was sad that our son won't fit in the family gown (my Dad and both kids wore it), but it will be SO special for him to wear a peice of his heritage!!! THANK YOU....THANK YOU!!!

LaLa said... sweet!!! I love all the pics and he is so handsome. In China the first time the server ran off with Annslee I freaked...then I learned to just enjoy it so I could eat LOL