Sunday, June 22, 2008

A reason to party

Dear Sam,

About 50 people who can't wait to meet you gathered to celebrate the good news of our referral on Saturday (Summer Solstice) at a party/shower for your Mommy and Daddy. It was a beautiful summer night and we spent much of it up on the roof deck at Jon and Kristin's, who graciously opened their home for the party.

I am pictured above with the six hosts (from left): Leigh Ann (and John) Drevs, Amy (and Andrew) Manion, Kristin Kenefick (and Jon Ross), me, D'Arcy (and Mike) Ryan, Karen (and Jeff) Radtke, and Lourdes (and Jason) Campbell.

The party had a Vietnamese theme (thanks to input from Linh Lawler). The "Chuc Mung" sign means "Congratulations," while another one said, "Hoan Nghenh (with a little "hat" over the "e"), which means "Welcome."

The food (from Tank Noodles, a Vietnamese restaurant in Uptown) was awesome! We had pork and chicken sandwiches (w/extremely hot peppers!), egg rolls, a yummy shrimp salad and fried rice (made by Lourdes). Desserts were Vietnamese sweets (not a huge hit, honestly) mini-cheesecakes (made by Amy), lemon bars (made by Jeff) and those chocolate/peanut butter/Rice Krispi balls (made by Leigh Ann). There was a keg of Leinenkugals and limeade, with or without vodka. Finally, there were Jello shots, made by yours truly.

We got lots of nice gifts, including some big stuff, like the high chair seat and Wee Rider bike seat. We got some really personal gifts, like a CD of my brother-in-law reading Dr. Seuss (complete with sound effects) and a painting of mother and child from my friend Staci. We got lots of practical stuff, like onesies, wipes, and sheets, plus a bunch of really nice books. We also got several Target gift cards, which will come in very handy. The one gift that made me cry was the little baseball glove and ball from my parents.

Here's who attended:
Mommy and Daddy
Jon Ross and Kristin Kenefick
Amy and Andrew Manion
John, Leigh and Josephine (7 months) Drevs
Karen and Jeff Radtke
D'Arcy and Mike Ryan
Lourdes and Jason Campbell
Delia Seeberg and Liam
Suzanne Fox and Ed
Jane and Michael Ungari
Kaycee, Erik and Vivian (5 weeks) Glavich
Kristi, Bryan, Aubren, Silas, Ealin and Conrad Kubicki (from South Bend)
Nina and George Wilfred
Charles Isaac and Karlin Sloan
Toni Lesowitz
Mark, Michelle and George Hanafee
Kate, Scott, Rainee and Huey Flynn
Jerry Eichhorst and Stephanie
Mike Polizzi
Flo and Greg Merkl-Deutsch
Dan, Linh and Gabrielle (4 months) Lawler
William (sans Maria who was sick) Hussey
and Michael Donovan and Margery who came but couldn't get in the gate

There was such a feeling of community that night--so many people who have supported us throughout this long journey to parenthood and who will be there for us once you get home. And so many little kids who can't wait to be your playmates and friends! We are truly blessed.


Di said...

Sounds like you had a good party!! Know that all us bloggy people are there with you in spirit and can't wait to welcome your new addition home!

LaLa said...

Sounds like a great party!!! So glad you got a lot of goodies and some sweet things too. Isn't it nice that you can have adult beverages at your baby shower ; )

Anonymous said...

Great looking group. Hey Editor, you spelled Leinenkugel's wrong. Such a great reason to party.

Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

I was wearing Grandma Doris's silver dollar necklace so she was there in spirit. It was a really special night! Love, Auntie Amy

Anonymous said...

Heidi, Sam is one lucky little fella! Your journal is really special as are your friends.
I love that I can follow my cousin around electronically. Just chillin at the lake today with some down time to catch up on your blog *
Hello to Ed !!!!
Cousin Kimmy

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It is a blessing from God that He has preserved this beautiful gift of life for you to love. After your long wait, Sam's arrival will bring you great joy.

God has a purpose in every event of our lives. Keep in mind that all children are a gift from God and they are the future generation.

CitizenLink: Obama Blocked Born Alive Infant Protection Act

May God continue to guide and bless you.

Anonymous said...

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