Monday, March 03, 2008


Dear Sophie,

Today referrals from China are arriving and it seems that the CCAA has matched families with LIDs up to January 4, 2006. So--finally--the 2006 matching has begun. Our LID is February 28, 2006, so I figured out that we have 55 LID dates in front of us that have to be matched until it is our turn to learn who you are.

How long will that take? Who knows. Some people look at the number of dates referred (this month it was 8 days). If you average that, obviously, we would receive our referral in about seven months. But some days have a lot more dossiers than others, which is why there are occasionally months where they only refer 3 or 5 days of LIDs. On the positive side, there is almost a whole week of LIDs in Februray of 2006 that have little or no dossiers, because it was New Year's and the offices weren't open to log in dossiers. So when it comes time to refer that part of the month, they could refer a large number of dates, even if it's about the same number of babies.

Finally, the whole issue of whether the Olympics will cause referrals to cease for a month or two this summer will definitely affect us, since we will most likely not be receiving a referral before then.

But at least we're into 2006, and the number 55 seems like something I can get my brain around. More news next month.

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