Monday, February 18, 2008


Dear Sam and Sophie,

The first Chinese New Year after we finished our China dossier we had a big party. We thought it would be the first of many lunar new year's celebrations to come. The next two years we were too depressed about all the delays to celebrate. Every year I think, "Will our son or daughter be born in this year of the _____?"

Last year, during the special Year of the Golden Pig, we hoped that the extra luck would fall on us. No such luck: no referral. But now our Vietnam agency is telling us that they think there is a good chance we will complete our adoption before September 1, when there is the possibility that U.S. adoptions from Vietnam may cease. Our dossier has been moved to HCMC, where there is more possibility of a referral. We're taking this with a major grain of salt, but maybe our son was born in the Year of the Golden Pig, after all.

Meanwhile, most people are estimating that late February 2006 LIDs to China, like ours, may get referred before the end of 2008, so either way, there is a hopeful chance that we might have a child before the next lunar new year.

So ... even though it was 0 degrees with 30-below windchills, your Dad and I went to the Chinese New Year parade in Chicago's Chinatown this year. Believe it or not, there were lots of people there! Very hearty people, those Asians! It was a short parade (thank God) with a few dragons (see above photo).

This is us, dressed very warmly but still freezing our butts off! We met a nice guy named Will at the parade, and he directed us to Keng-Kee, a yummy restaurant where we were the only Caucasians. Most things on the menu had "intestine" in the name, but we opted for a mushroom dish, something with pork, and this rolled up noodle things that I really liked.

In other "Year of the Rat" news, this is a little knitted rat I made for our friends Dan and Linh, who had a baby girl (Gabriella) just days after the new year. I'll knit another one, just in case one of you is born this year. And I'll start searching for a knitted pig pattern, just in case we're going to get really lucky.

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LaLa said...

Yeah, here we still are....I thought we would have a pig baby as well, I guess we will see. Looks like you had a good time : )