Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good news/bad news

Good news (from Vietnam): Our agency finally made its first referral: a five and a half month old boy. Not to us, of course, but to someone who was ahead of us. The referral came from HCMC, which a a few months ago decided to require families to be open to older children, up to 2 years of age. So we decided to pull our paperwork from there and only have it in the other province in which our agency works. Since each province works almost independently, the really goods news will be when a referral comes from Dong Thap. And the really, really, really good news will of course be when we actually get a referral. Still finding it hard to believe that will ever happen, to be honest.

Bad news (from China): Rumors that the in-country fee for China has been raised from $3,000 to at least $4,000 and maybe $5,000. It's true that it hasn't been raised in years, and that higher fees might give an incentive to orphanges to make more children paper ready, but it still sucks that, because our wait got longer, we get stuck with the new, higher fee. Not to mention the extra $1,000 in I-171H renewal. Still, it's not official yet, and only some agencies/orphanages/provinces seem to be raising it so far.